The angels were bringers of good news. They told the shepherds where to find Mary and her baby. Perhaps they thought that shepherds, who were used to their sheep having lambs, would be able to help Mary if she had any difficulties.

Why do you think the angels wanted the shepherds to go to the stable?


  1. I've never understood the concept of angels. There are some lovely stories, I know, and especially at Christmas, but alongside all the other 'God' stuff I think it's really sad that we have to pretend there's some supernatural force at work to persuade us to just be nice to each other. So much violence happens just because people don't like each other's gods. Madness.

  2. Shepherds seem kind of cuddly and cute nowadays, or at least rugged and outdoors-y. But they were despised back in those days - the angels announcing the news to them first was the equivalent of the Queen popping in with the news about Will and Kate's baby to personally tell... who??? Who is really that despised these days? Radio pranksters, to continue a theme? It must have been something that unlikely, anyway.

    @BillG - hi, I take your point. But this stuff is a story about turning the world upside down. All the natural human inclination to honour the richest and most adored is upset and we're challenged to admire the unclean and the poor. It really goes against human nature, which makes it seem kind of 'supernatural' to me.