Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas Present...

Ordinary People - Ordinary Places -  Extraordinary Story

What would the traditional Christian nativity story look like in a modern setting? Maybe these photos taken around the familiar places of the North East describe it...
Perhaps they provide an opportunity to wonder what the nativity story is all about today.

These days Christmas means different things to different people. Of course it begins from the story in the Bible.

Mary and Joseph's experiences would be the same today - living in political upheaval, travelling to get work, earning enough to live, paying taxes, but still striving to maintain a happy family life.

But what does this story mean to you?

Explore the pictures (click on the links above) and please feel free to comment... 

This is a Methodist Church project based around the North Shields and Whitley Bay Circuit 

Photos by Kat Timmins

Produced by Trendy Art Whitley Bay